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Online USCG Captains License OUPV-Six Pack License Course (click for details) Quantity in Basket: None
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**Temporarily Sold Out**

In order to provide an exceptional level of customer service, we limit the number of students able to enroll in this course.
We will reopen registration soon. Please check back to enroll for this course. We do NOT have a waitlist.
Our online course consists of custom audio presentations, movies and Flash presentations and unlimited support! The course thoroughly covers the subjects addressed within the Coast Guard exams administered. Trust yourself to the Professionals at Safe Boating America!

Once registered, students will receive an access key to the online course via e-mail.

This course provides training to mariners seeking their US Coast Guard Operators License as Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) upon Great Lakes, Inland and/or Near Coastal waters as specified in 46 CFR Part 10. It satisfies the instruction and examination requirements listed in 46 CFR 10.910, Table 10.910-2 in lieu of taking the examinations at a US Coast Guard Regional Examination Center (REC).

The OUPV course is primarily intended for candidates for licensing as Operators of Uninspected Passenger Vessels. Students taking this course should have completed a minimum period of 360 Days underway on vessels with ninety days of that experience acquired during the past three years.

This course will also be of great value to recreational skippers demanding of themselves mastery in seamanship

Eligibility Requirements
- The Captain OUPV License is required to operate uninspected essels carrying no more than 6 passengers. It is required that you have had at least 360 days total sea time, including 90 days within the past three years.
* A "day of sea service" is equal to 4 to 8 hours away from the dock
- The minimum age is 18 years of age and the OUPV License is available to both US citizens and those foreign nationals legally eligible for employment in the US
- A drug test is required by USCG
- Misdemeanors and DWI convictions will be reviewed by USCG and may affect your application
- Medical exam results will be reviewed by USCG
- Exam certificates are valid for 12 months

Rules of the Road
- General – covers the basic rules, definitions and fog signals for both International and Inland Rules
- Lights and Shapes – covers all of the possible lighting configurations as well as the day shapes required to be displayed on certain vessels
- Steering and Sailing Rules and miscellaneous topics – this module covers the rules concerning meeting, crossing and overtaking situations and the sound signals associated with each as well as vessel hierarchy and penalty provisions associated with violations of the Rules.

General Subjects for Deck Seamanship and Safety
- Fire prevention and control
- National maritime law and regulations including pollution prevention regulations
- Basic marlinespike seamanship
- Ship/vessel maneuvering and handling – single screw, twin screw, mooring, anchoring, heavy weather operation, narrow channel and shallow water operations
- Onboard emergency procedures
- Radio telephone communications

- Working with time
- Speed, time & distance
- Chart interpretation
- Navigation publications and Notice to Mariners
- Aids to Navigation
- Magnetic compass errors and corrections
- Determining magnetic compass deviation
- Obtaining and plotting visual bearings
- Dead reckoning
- Set and drift of the current
- Course to steer and leeway
- Fixing vessel position – visual and electronic
- Relative bearings and running fixes
- Calculating tide and currents
- Practical plotting exercise
- Characteristics of Weather systems

Rules of the Road
- International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS)
- Inland Navigational Rules

Whether or not you’re seeking to obtain your USCG license for work-related reasons, this training should allow mariners to receive discounts on their marine insurance and allow an individual to charter a yacht with greater ease, especially outside of U.S. Waters.

For all of the criteria for obtaining the various USCG licenses, visit USCG License Criteria

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